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The Netherlands ISPE Emerging Leaders

In 2017, the ISPE Netherlands (NL) Affiliate proudly formed the Emerging Leaders (ELs) Community of Practice (CoP), former Young Professionals, which since then is growing at a steady pace! The ISPE NL EL CoP is a community of talents who began their career in the pharmaceutical industry and have less than 5 years of experience. 

Our mission is to oversee the actual trends of the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry development and support ISPE NL ELs in broadening their career perspectives locally and globally while growing the future generation of highly qualified professionals in demand.

We organize focused events on various career topics independently and/or in collaboration with the NL Affiliate, EL European Affiliates and BeNeLux CoPs. We also identify upcoming challenges in our domain and keep track of the market helping ELs to think about their careers strategically and climb the career ladder faster. 

The community supports you in:

  • exchanging knowledge;
  • expanding your network locally and globally;
  • bridging generations of young and senior experts;
  • socialize with like minded professionals from the pharma industry.

As member of the ISPE you have:

  • access to the ISPE guidelines and materials;
  • ability to join many social and focused events for reduced prices;
  • have access to all news and updates.

The ISPE NL EL board currently consists of 9 volunteers who are very enthusiastic to welcome new members to support our growth. This year we are also focusing on the growth of newly established ISPE NL Student Chapter and looking for the followers such as undergraduates, recent graduates, students among educational institutions in the Netherlands.

For our events we are constantly looking for companies which would like to support us in terms of sponsorship. We promote our community sponsors via ISPE NL EL channels as well as via local and global ISPE NL website pages and social media.

This site is an extension of the ISPE Netherlands ISPE Global NL Emerging Leaders page. In addition to this formal home page this site is used for:

This site is available for ISPE members and non-ISPE members. Our formal ISPE Global NL Emerging Leaders page is only available for ISPE members.

For more information you can visit our LinkedIn group and ISPE NL LinkedIn Page.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at one or more of our Emerging Leaders events!