What is the influence of new technologies on jobs in pharma?

What is the influence of new technologies on jobs in pharma?

At the beginning of 2023 year ISPE NL Emerging Leaders community organizes an event in Leiden BioScience Park for growing young professionals and emerging leaders in the Pharma sector.

The aim of the event is to elaborate on the current technological trends in pharma and give an overview of a job market and positions available in the upcoming future. This knowledge will help them to grow into the next generation of professionals who will have to embrace challenges of the 4th industrial revolution in Pharma and gain the right skills to become in 2-3 years professionals in high demand.

More details on the program, confirmed speakers and registration link are listed below.

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Event Properties

Event Date 20-Jan-2023 12.00
Capacity 50
Registered 50
Individual Price EUR10.00
Location Leiden BioScience Park, BioPartner 1




Networking lunch


Event Opening

Natalia Vtyurina, PhD
Chair ISPE NL Emerging Leaders
Board Member ISPE NL Affiliate
Expert Group Lead LBSP
QA Manager of Operations BMS


Hiring trends in the pharmaceutical industry

Ciara Mullane
Recruitment Specialist
Account Manager
DPS Group Global


Trends and opportunitues in the job market of Leiden Bio Science Park

Sandra Migchielsen
Programmamanager CIV Bio Sciences


Project Management in Pharma

Param Sharma
Pharmaceutical Consultant


Coffee break

Networking time!


Research and Development in Pharma

Mathijs de Kleer
Medical & Development Manager
Eurodrug Laboratories


Start of GMP: GAMP in Pharma

René van Opstal
Consultant CSV & Automation
ISPE Board member & GAMP Benelux COP


GMP production: From supply chain to manufacturing, quality control and documentation

Gerdien Raap
Interim & Project Manager in Food & Life Science Industry


Coffee break

Networking time!


Batch Release Challenges in the Real World

Wilma Meijs
Consultant & Director


Unconscious Gender Bias

Dr. - Ing. Mira Vasic
Co-owner and Sr Partner InTouch
Female Leadership & Career Academy


Closure: how Leiden Bio Science Park transforms into a leading innovation district

Ida Haisma
Director LBSP Foundation


Networking Event

Networking time!


Ida Haisma

Director LBSP Foundation

During closing speech Ida Haisma will tell you about the ongoing transformation of the Leiden Bio Science Park into a leading innovation district.

Natalia Vtyurina

QA, Manager of Operations at BMS

Do you want to learn more about ISPE Global, the Netherlands Affiliate, its communities and activities?
Natalia will tell you what is ISPE and what is our mission. You will learn from her about the role of Emerging Leaders in Pharma 4.0 as well as about the most exicting upcoming ISPE events
In conclusion, she will open up to you the secrets of efficient networking, fast personal development and steep career growth that volunteering opportunities offer.

Param Sharma

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Pharmaceutical industry is a heavily regulated industry which requires an integrated understanding from various fields like regulations, process / technology, project management, leadership behaviors etc. collectively to be able to successfully manage a pharmaceutical project. Good knowledge of subject matter is critical for a Project Manager in having full grasp and bringing realistic alignment between various competing project objectives like timelines, costs, quality, customer satisfaction etc. in managing stakeholder expectations and supporting needs of the project team. The signs of a successfully managed project are adherence to a realistic and approved project plan, a controlled and sustainable project execution and no / minimal surprises / risk events. Good project management is about problem prevention rather than problem solving.
There are various project management methodologies, with varying strengths in project management process flows / project life-cycle orientation, principles, methods, tools and technologies.The future of project management in pharmaceuticals depends a lot on how various relevant aspects like emerging technologies, regulations, various project management methodologies and leadership styles evolve in the coming years.
Eventually the most important driving force in various types of pharmaceutical projects is always to directly or indirectly support in creating high value and affordable medicine for the patients worldwide.

Sandra Migchielsen

Program Mamanager at CIV Bio Sciences

Human capital is a critical success factor for the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) and the city of Leiden to grow and prosper. Over the past years investigations were done into the trends and developments in the life sciences & health industry related to supply and demand for jobs and education. The 'Centrum voor Innovatief Vakmanschap (CIV)' or Center for Innovative Craftsmanship Bio Sciences was created at the Leiden Bio Science Park in order to align the needs of the bio sciences industry and vocational education. In the CIV, 26 partners from industry, education and government collaborate on talent development and innovation. It thus builds on the collaborative 'human capital agenda LBSP' that was launched at the end of 2022.
This presentation will address the current and future trends and developments in the industry, especially at the LBSP, how these developments influence human capital and educational needs, and what the CIV Bio Sciences and its partners plan to do about this.

René van Opstal

Consultant CSV & Automation

René is an experienced and intelligent consultant in the field of process automation and Computer system validation. As an active member of ISPE René founded the GAMP Benelux COP and is board member of the ISPE Netherlands affiliate.
Quality of data and automated systems in the Life Science industry is vital for products and patient. Legislation is in place to guaranty the quality. Over the years ISPE developed best practices to fulfil the requirements of the regulation in an efficient and effective way, In the past years this was often a burdon for validation and quality persons. Over the last few year new technologies help to replace the amount of paper work and to focus on the content.

Mathijs de Kleer

Medical & Development Manager at Eurodrug Laboratories

Mathijs de Kleer is the Medical & Development Manager at Eurodrug Laboratories. This small-scale “boutique” pharma company is responsible for providing essential generic and specialty therapies to countries in Asia, Latin-America and the CIS.
Mathijs studied bio-pharmaceutical sciences with a specialization in Science-Based Business. He was an active member of the student community, where he developed an extensive network in the Dutch pharmaceutical industry. After finalizing his business internship at Pfizer, he expanded this network to the biotech industry as a grant application consultant. Missing the challenging environment of the industry, Mathijs started to work for Eurodrug Laboratories three years ago.
In his current position, he is managing the continuous developments in the product portfolio of Eurodrug; this includes both the (re-)development of formulations, as well as designing clinical trials for new indications with key opinion leaders all over the world. His talk, titled “collaborative R&D for competitive product development”, will give you a flavour of what it is like to work in a small, cost-effective and competitive environment.
His unique story will elucidate a completely different side of the pharmaceutical industry compared to what you are used to!

Gerdien Raap

Interim & Project Manager in Food & Life Science Industry

There is a lot of science behind pharmaceutical processes and Good Manufacturing Practice is about common sense. True, but I would like to tell you more about it.
You probably all know how to cook a decent and safe meal by yourself for your family or friends. Imagine – a bad dream maybe- your spaghetti bolognaise is a big hit and a group of volunteers enters your small kitchen to cook this great spaghetti bolognaise of yours for the whole neighbourhood, what was the recipe again?
You realise there are insufficient pots and pans so they need to be washed and dried in between batches. Your one kitchen towel is already soaked, so kitchen cabinets are randomly opened in search for a dry one. And where do you keep your salt and pepper? Your olive oil is expired and tastes funky but we already used it. And is this soy sauce gluten free? And oh, they also used your toilet, but did these guys even wash their hands?!
Good Manufacturing Practice is our licence to operate, it is indeed about common sense but also about attitude, discipline, planning, organisation, structure, control, communication, documentation and managing the quantities. In this serious presentation I will tell you more about this serious topic.

Wilma Meijs

Consultant & Director at WMFA

One of the steps of manufacturing of pharmaceutical products is the final certification and release of the Product by the QP. In this presentation Wilma will stipulate the different items that should be taken into account at batch certification. In 2 case studies the participants will be able to discuss such a certification process and aspects that could influence the batch disposition decision.

Ciara Mullane

Recruitment Specialist & Account Manager at DPS Group Global

New technologies influence how pharmaceutical companies hire new talent. What skillsets are recruiters and hiring managers looking for when trying to find the perfect candidate? This presentation will focus on how new technologies influence the types of roles that are in high demand in the pharmaceutical industry today and how we at DPS support our clients by hiring the best talent.

Mira Vasic

Co-owner and Sr Partner InTouch Female Leadership & Career Academy

During the workshop, participants will understand what barriers women in pharma usually face. The workshop opens with a hands-on exercise in which participants will experience how our unconsciously biased brain tends to think of specific gender when thinking of certain roles in business and life. During the workshop, we will mainly focus on aspects of gender bias, but also include a double intersection with cultural background. Participants will learn how the bias occurs in our brain and how it gets stronger during our lives with various stereotypes that surround us.


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