Empowering Growth: mastering feedback and taming inner critics

If you cringe when somebody gives you feedback then this 90 minutes workshop has been designed for you. 
You'll gain invaluable insights and tools to conquer self-doubt, embrace feedback, and unplug those inner critics that often hinder your progress.
About the workshop
In a world where feedback is crucial for growth, understanding how to manage it effectively can be a game-changer. Our workshop, 'Empowering Growth: Managing Feedback and Taming Inner Critics,' is designed to equip you with strategies to turn feedback into a powerful ally on your path to success. Explore the intricate relationship between feedback and inner critics, and learn practical techniques to use criticism constructively and banish self-sabotaging thoughts.
What You'll Gain:
Empowerment: Learn to navigate feedback with confidence, fostering a growth-oriented mindset that fuels your personal development.
Self-awareness: combat the negative impact of inner critics by learning 'unplugging' techniques which are meaningful to you.
Feedback Model: Discover a structured approach to giving and receiving feedback—Actionable, Inspiring, and Respectful—for effective communication.
Workshop Highlights
Engaging Discussions: Dive deep into the dynamics of feedback and inner critics through interactive sessions.
Practical Exercises: Apply techniques and a feedback model to real-life scenarios in breakout rooms.
Expert Guidance: Learn from our career coach Elena Mellara who specializes in personal growth, communication, and positive psychology.
Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals on a journey of self-improvement and growth.
Location: Biopartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21 2333 CH Leiden Zuid-Holland
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Event Properties

Event Date 30-Nov-2023 16.00
Capacity 40
Registered 21
Individual Price EUR10.00
Location Leiden BioScience Park, BioPartner 1


Elena Mellara

Career Reinvention Coach

Empowering Growth: mastering feedback and taming inner critics

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